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Advice we should take to heart


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The wait is over...Prepare for TypeStriker

Eat it raw, you bastards!

"But it's like this, man -- when you're at the top, there is jealousy and, needless to say, haters are coming at you. I'm gonna tell Monzy: 'You ain't even on my level' -- you got to know me and only me."

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

When good turtles...

"'ey, this guy givin' you some trouble, Frankie? Let's bust his kneecaps."

Secret link

Secret Link

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Someone buy me a set of cards... ;(

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Twelve o'clock, and the sun is shining through the thin blinds. The water is boiling on the stove and Sinatra is playing on the radio again. I hate Sinatra, but I don't turn the radio off. It hardly affects me anymore--I still hate the music, but the hate itself is distant and dulled, like a once-captivating picture on an old Life magazine cover. Sinatra has no control over me and in return I have no control over Sinatra, but something is out of place with that description. The faded memory of a photo seen in youth; even my hatred is too tenuous to be convincing.

I clear my mind and stare into the drain, as motionless as it is, and as I stare into it the black center widens as if thickly oozing out of the drainpipe and envelopes the entire sink.

. . .
I realize I've been standing in front of the sink for over an hour and a half and the water has boiled away, leaving an empty pot. Luckily I have the presence of mind to put on the stove mitts before picking up the pan and setting it down in the empty sink.
It's almost time to leave, so I begin to get ready for work. I take off all of my clothes, and put on a new set. It's hard to explain, but no longer surprising -- now I am a different person. Maybe this would be useful: Show a child a newspaper cutout of a lion's picture, and they'll say it's a lion. Fold it into a paper airplane and it will be a paper airplane. There really isn't a trick to it. You'd ask me to say what the change in me is, and I would ask you right back.
I step outside, walk to the subway, and descend underground.

By instinct I look at the faces around me--the pretty young girl with her (fiancé, lover, husband, brother), the old woman with a blank stare, her life nearly over. I begin to feel queasy and I stop looking. Instead I focus my eyes into the distance as my movements become mechanical and I let myself become movement itself, become a means to my ultimate destination.
I move quickly past the faces. They don't have any distinction, are just obstacles, as I navigate to Platform 3. I squeeze into the train, and am immediately relieved to be free of the open space.



Revolution Leaked Controller!

Hiroshi Yamauchi's personal secret Nintendo Revolution controller revision, pictured above, is just one of the many designs that are all true and absolutely not fake.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Haruki Murakami fan translated fiction

This page was taken off the main site, but hey, here it is using the handy dandy Wayback Machine! Everybody illicitly read and think without permission!

(the Wayback machine also is handy for throwing in dead links of any kind and finding the original document...like some of the links on this page to external sites!)

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But it's actually scary...

Why do the French get all the good commercials? (BE CAREFUL THERE IS NUDITY YOU MIGHT HURT YOURSELF)


RPS gambits.

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For all the senators and WIPO officials among us...

Filesharing doesn't rape a struggling artist's baby daughter after all?

It's funny 'cuz he likes breasts

He's not just all hobbit music videos, folks. This is the real Leonard Nimoy.

Too bad I won't be buying it...

It's purple!


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What we've all been waiting for

To answer the question on all of our minds:

Internal sensors allow the android to react "naturally." It can block an attempted slap, for example.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Don't trust that face!

Just a gentle reminder for the day that Kirk Cameron is no longer experiencing 'growing pains,' and instead has found his purpose in life. That purpose is to convert you to Christianity and destroy all of your false gods.

(...With the help of 'Ray Comfort,' whose pseudonym is about as creative as porno favorites like "Long Dong" or "Big Black Cockman.")

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Everybody make music!

Learn it! These usefule!

11:59:59, December 31st, 1983

We know you've all had some problems with the Patriot Act. We've been thinking the same thing--it isn't powerful enough! We recommend that we can subpoena you 'administratively' now, still without any evidence, and you still can't tell anybody or we'll put you in jail. Isn't that better?

What, you think your liberties are in danger?


Wednesday, June 08, 2005

It's that real life Pac-man thing again


MST3K was right about Canada

And here I thought Soultaker just had bad acting.


(Almost) Random GIS Wednesday



"...uses sampled music from the original 'Super Mario Bros.' game released by Nintendo in 1985 and fuses it with techno beats and humorous lyrics such as 'the princess might be a fake,' 'you might be using Mario too much,' and 'Luigi might get sulky.'"


Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's good for me, too

Playboy millionaire Peter Jackson, folks. Give it up for Peter Jackson.

Believe it or not this picture links to a $100,000 ragtime band machine.

It's hot

It is 90 degrees, and all the Thermaltake heatsink/fan helmets are taken...




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More evidence Steve Jobs is a dickhead.



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Lord of the Rings Japanese subtitilation


[script] Then you did what I could not.

[subtitle] I am ashamed.


The Prancing Pony


[script] Good evening, little Masters.

[subtitle] What are these shorties here for?

Ever wonder what you'd end up with if you did the subtitles for a 3-hour, fastidiously-detailed movie in less than a week just because you're the unquestioned master matriarch of the Japanese subtitle business?

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Making us better every day in every way

This Japanese language game is a 'killer'!

An ode to Klimpt

Der Kuss.

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Take the A-Train (i.e., the Kittenbus)

I've decided it's time all of you changed your wallpaper to something with more Kittenbusses. (Click for teh big un)


It's surprise link day!