Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Don't like boys?

This is the scene where Federer sees, dramatically, that he must fill in for the injured guitar player at the Enchantment Under the Sea dance so that Nadal's parents hit it off and Federer can go back to 2005 and Nadal won't have faded away, dramatically, and can be Federer's rival and secret lover forever and ever with a tennis ball frame resplendent with splendiferous memories over a log fire in Nadal and Federer's mountain cabin hideaway.

Almost two months

Happy birthday!



Monday, May 30, 2005

A true story

It was well after 11 PM when I finally slipped my key into the lock. The lock was half-broken and needed to be jiggled loudly to enter, so serruptitious entry was already out of the question. I had already steeled myself, given up all hope of precluding the inevitable.

"I was wondering when you'd finally show up." The words were quiet, but crackled through the dark air, as if the room was filled with dry dust, her throat stale and vocal cords lifeless. The room itself seemed to smell funny to me. Something was off.

I made a sheepish grin and shrugged my shoulders in a hopelessly ineffectual attempt to look nonchalant about it, before realizing that in the dark room she probably couldn't see my face at all. Surprisingly she didn't say anything else, but instead swiftly changed the subject. The change in tactics gave me a queasy feeling. I couldn't seem to pull my hand off the doorknob.

"We need to decide whether or not to put the dog to sleep."

"You're right, it's probably the only humane thing to do anymore."

She somehow knew this was a touchy subject, but we had never spoken about it before. But I collected my wits and tried to say it as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

I heard her sigh and walk over to the couch, setting herself down with what now sounded like casual, patronizing composure. I stood there, my hand still on the doorknob. I tried desperately to remember how this woman came to be living with me, but I could never quite trace the events. I couldn't even remember what I had done or where I had been 3 years ago.

I looked at the dog lying in the corner but couldn't make out more than his curled shape. Where did I find him? Either way, I wasn't going to let her put him to sleep. I looked instinctively at my watch, again forgetting about the darkness.

"Henry, where have you been?"

She was direct now, condescending, and by the sound of her voice her mouth contorted into the grin I had seen so many times before. I could feel her eyes still on me. As she flicked her lighter and brought a cigarette to her face, for a single moment I saw the dog, his eyes glassy. A shock of horror ran through my body, and for a moment I seemed to understand everything. Adrenaline poured into my veins, until all of my energy had passed through me, dissipating into the air in reverberation after reverberation.

I kept my eyes on the darkness in the room. Was she even still there? I couldn't see anything anymore.

I calmly and quietly backed out of the room and shut the door behind me, my ears pricking up as I slipped down the flickering hallway and listened for any sound of her, coming after me.

You'll buy it

[From the Box]
Famitsu Weekly has conducted a next generation reader survey, to see which console system the readers are most interested.

Most Interested Next Generation Console
1. Nintendo Revolution - 42.2%
2. Sony PlayStation 3 - 39.8%
3. Microsoft Xbox 360 - 18.0%

...Also...venom-spitting anger.

Curious and concerned

Pump the brakes
Pop the clutch
Pull the emergency brake

Don't let off the gas until you want to stop.

When finished, release the gas and snap back in line.

From the set of the new Initial D Movie

Exclusive picture

Exclusive picture 2

Don't take it personally

A quiet evening alone with friends.

In the gutters

Late yesterday afternoon I was walking. Walking with my eyes on my feet as I always do. You find funny things on the sidewalk, you know, when you're not staring straight ahead. You find the usual stuff, of course--pennies, thimbles, used condoms--but you find other things as well.

Once I found an unused opera ticket, for a show that night. The opera was on the other side of town, so who knows what the ticket was doing there. Some couple on their way, maybe their night was already ruined. Well, no use letting it go to waste--I tried to go myself. Of course, they didn't let me in with the clothes I had, but still--you keep your eyes on the street and you might get lucky.

Walking walking. And just like that, there it was, something sparkling in the gutter. It had to be something exceptionally shiny or the angle had to be just right, since the light was beginning to bleed off into the horizon. Well, maybe it was one of those lucky days.

And there it was. Not five feet in front of me was a sparkling twenty dollar bill. It glowed yellow and had long, sharp fangs. I bent over eagerly to pick it up, but realized far too late that twenty dollar bills are not yellow, and neither sparkle nor have long sharp fangs.

That's when the C.H.U.D.S. got me.

Another fine evening...at the north pole

You can't stay away!

Something for the ladies

Bible Study

Don't worry...

(For old times' sake.)

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Sunday, May 29, 2005

A New Blog for a New Generation, You Love It More than Life Itself

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