Monday, October 31, 2005

I feel the need for...

We can look forward to a day in the future when speedrunning is taught from kindergarten up, where all sports have been replaced by speedrunning, and college admissions tests measure not your SATs, your extracurriculars and your personal statement, but your time on SMB3. It is a future we can barely stand to live without, I know this well my friends. But until that time, we will not wilt, we will not waver--we will remain steadfast and follow the examples of once our betters, presently our leaders, and soon to be our equals as history propels us inexorably and undeviatingly towards that euphoric end.


  1. Yes... I can't wait until they incorporate speedrunning into LIFE 2.0!

  2. You are in a field. There is a small key on the ground in front of you.
    >look at key

    The key is silver, with the LIFE 2.0 insignia.
    >take key

    LIFE 2.0 eats your brains. You are dead.